Differential Response

children in school Youth for Change provides a Yuba County Differential Response Services Program in partnership with the Yuba County Health and Human Services Department, Child and Adult Protective Services (CAPS).

Using a collaborative triage process, Differential Response is a child welfare system reform that enables Yuba County CAPS to differentiate its response to reports of child abuse and neglect based on several factors. Youth for Change Family Navigators participate in the triage process and follow-up. Youth for Change staff are involved in two Differential Response Pathways:

Path 1: Youth for Change response – selected when child maltreatment is not a concern, the child is deemed safe and there are no or low risks to the child. However, it appears that the family is clearly experiencing stressors that could be addressed/ ameliorated by community services and supports. Path 1 is conducted by a Youth for Change Family Navigator/ Parent Partner.

Path 2: CAPS and Youth for Change joint response – when child maltreatment is a valid concern, there is low to moderate risk of current or future abuse or neglect, and safety factors may not be immediately manifested. Path 2 response is conducted jointly with CAPS and a Youth for Change Family Navigator/ Parent Partner within 10 calendar days.

To support families and children referred through the Differential Response Program, Youth for Change provides comprehensive services that include, but are not limited to, the following:

Youth for Change’s Differential Response Program accepts referrals for family services only from the Yuba County Health and Human Services Department—the program is unable to accept general referrals from community-based partners.

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