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Facilitating All Resources Effectively (FARE)

FARE imageWhat is FARE?

FARE is a program that offers Child and Family Team (CFT) meetings to families involved with the child welfare system. Our goal is to identify strengths of the family and insure ensure their participation in all stages of the process while involved with Children's Services Division (CSD) in Butte County. Our meetings strengthen partnership and collaboration between family members, social workers, and other service providers. We acknowledge that families know what they need and should be a part of the planning of their case. We strive to ensure that families have input into all aspects of their case; from placement and case planning to transitioning children home.

Who is Eligible for FARE?

Any family who has an open case with Butte County Children's Services Division (CSD) is eligible.

What is the Fee for FARE?

This program is free to families.

What is a FARE Meeting?

A FARE meeting is a Child and Family Team (CFT) meeting that is facilitated by a neutral party and involves immediate and extended family, friends, support people, service providers, and the Child(ren) when age appropriate. We draw on the family's experiences, strengths, and resources to create plans that provide for the safety and well-being of their children.

The FARE program offers facilitated CFT Meetings for all families involved with Butte County Children's Services Division (CSD) using the Safety Organized Practice (SOP) Consultation and Information Sharing Framework created by Sue Lohrback.   These meeting are designed to help families identify their support systems as well as to see what the family needs to be successful in reunifying with their children.

Meetings are offered to families every 3-6 months until their case is closed with CSD.

Rio Lindo Towers
572 Rio Lindo Avenue, Suite 206
Chico, CA 95926
Phone: 530-321-6529

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