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girls and boys playingYouth for Change specializes in community collaboration which supports the healing of children and families. Our programs utilize a strength-centered approach, which draws upon community resources to meet the needs of families and children. Program emphasis is on treating the whole child with the goal of family reunification.

Youth for Change has a mission to support individuals, children and families so that they may live happy, healthy and safe lives by providing services that promote dignity, self-determination and well-being.

The Youth for Change Difference

Youth for Change believes that the best place for a child is with his or her family. When a family is in crisis and unable to meet a child's need for safety and health, Youth for Change makes every effort to provide support, skills and resources to help reunify this family in a healthy and nurturing way.

We strive to provide a supportive, encouraging, family-like environment and are dedicated to supporting all aspects of the child. We believe positive change can happen allowing families to become stronger and self-sufficient.

Our Programs:

6th Street Center for Youth Logo 6th Street Center for Youth
Our programs serve to provide homeless and runaway youth with a nurturing and supportive environment where they can begin to rebuild their lives.  Click the image or title of program to read more.
6th Street Center for Youth Logo Differential Resonse
Differential Response (Yuba County) Youth for Change provides a Yuba County Differential Response Services Program in partnership with the Yuba County Health and Human Services Department, Child and Adult Protective Services (CAPS). Using a collaborative triage process, Differential Response is a child welfare system reform that enables Yuba County CAPS to differentiate its response to reports of child abuse and neglect based on several factors. Youth for Change Family Navigators participate in the triage process and follow- up.  Click the image or title of program to read more.
Family Meeting Facilitating All Resources Effectively (FARE)
FARE is a program that offers Family Team Decision Making meetings to families involved with the child welfare system.
Senior woman with facepaint from kid Foster Care Services
We offer family support programs that focus on reunifying families and we are the only Butte County based agency accredited by the California Alliance of Child and Family Services.  Click the image or title of program to read more.
HEART Logo Homeless Emergency Action Response Team (H.E.A.R.T.)
H.E.A.R.T. offers 24 hours services to homeless and runaway youth (under the age of 18) and their caregivers in Butte County.  Click the image or title of program to read more.
Diverse Group
Hospital Alternatives Program (HAP)
Specially trained Clinicians and Behavioral Health Counselors provide comprehensive response and support services to youth who are in need of intensive services as an alternative to being hospitalized following a 5150 screening.  Click the image or title of program to read more.
father playing with son In Home Parenting
An in home parenting education program offered to Butte County families for parents who want to improve their parenting skills can work with an in-home parent educator to improve their relationship with their child(ren) and enhance their family support system.  Click the image or title of program to read more.
therapist and autistic little girl Medical/Psychiatric Support Services (MPS)
Med Support services are offered to all children, adolescents and their families who are enrolled in a variety of Youth for Change programs, up to the age of 18 with services including consultation, diagnostic assessment, psychotropic medication treatment and psychotherapy.  Click the image or title of program to read more.
Oudoors Program Outdoors Program
The Outdoors program works with a variety of youth and families ranging from residential youth, foster youth, adopted youth and others from the community through a number of in house programs as well as grant funded programs for the community.  Click the image or title of program to read more.
group of kids School Based Counseling (SBC)
This program provides counseling services to students and their families who are referred by Paradise Unified School District with counselors who may also provide psycho-education to classroom teachers to help them interact more effectively with their students.  Click the image or title of program to read more.
Strategies Center Logo The Strategies Center at Youth for ChangeTM
We are a nationally recognized group of professionals providing learning and development, coaching, skills implementation, applied research, evaluation, capacity building, and leadership and management development, among other services, primarily for the human and social service sectors.  Click the image or title of program to read more.
mother and sone in home playroom Strengthening Families
The program aims to improve the ability for families to meet basic needs, support children's social and emotional health and school readiness, and prevent child abuse and neglectserving Paradise Ridge families with children ages 0-5 years old.  Click the image or title of program to read more.
father involvement Strong Starts -- Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)
PCIT is a hands on approach to developing effective parenting skills which is a highly recognized, successful and evidence based practice for parents, foster parents and guardians.  Click the image or title of program to read more.
mother or teacher and boy Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)
TBS is a specialty mental health program offered to children and youth with serious emotional problems who are experiencing a stressful transition or life crisis.  Click the image or title of program to read more.
center of attention Wraparound Services
The FOCUS Wraparound program is based on the family and the community working together with focus on the individual needs of one child, one family, one plan.  Click the image or title of program to read more.
outroor activity Youth Empowerment Services (YES)
YES offers opportunities for youth to engage in outdoor and recreational activities to the degree with which they are comfortable with weekly skills building groups are presented to youth from ages 8 - 24 with the intent of enhancing self-confidence, communication skills, social skills and community development.  Click the image or title of program to read more.

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