The Strategies Center at Youth for ChangeTM

Strategeis Center LogoWe envision: improved outcomes through improved practice.

We achieve our vision by: transforming human and social services with customer-centered learning and development, capacity building, applied research, and evaluation.

The Strategies Center at Youth for ChangeTM is a nationally recognized group of professionals providing learning and development, coaching, skills implementation, applied research, evaluation, capacity building, and leadership and management development, among other services, primarily for the human and social service sectors.

The Strategies Center has provided hands-on, real world consultation to help organizations and agencies reach their professional and service goals for more than two decades. We employ current information to create services that are research-based, people-centered, and customized to address our clients' needs.

We understand social scientific theory, current research and evidence-based practices, but we're not just academics. We integrate theory, experience, and practical application in all facets of our work.

We are passionate about what we do. We ensure that our clients receive the best services possible, that their funds and resources are used responsibly and effectively, and that every aspect of our services is delivered at a high level of quality.

Having worked in all 58 California counties and in multiple states across the nation, we have put theory into practice in diverse cultural and geographic settings. Every service element we provide is attuned to the cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic context in which our clients work.

Our office are located at:
2856 Olive Highway, Suite D
Oroville, CA 95966
530-872-3896 ext. 4

Visit our website at

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